Rewriting history


    This year two SHS football players have shattered records. Those players are senior quarterback Luke Johnston and junior wide receiver Blake Evans. According to head coach Bill Peebles, their work ethic is what got them to where they are.
“I’m more proud of their attitude and work ethic than their records,” head coach Bill Peebles said.
Johnston broke the school records for touchdown passes for a season with 39 touchdowns, career touchdown passes with 96 touchdowns, career passing yards with 8,883 yards and longest touchdown in a game with a 99 yard pass to junior wide receiver Paul Scruggs. He has also tied the record for most touchdowns in a game with six touchdowns.
This season Johnston has completed 227 out of 323 passes and a 70 percent completion percentage. He threw 39 touchdowns and just seven interceptions. He has a quarterback rating of 131.2. With 2,960 passing yards, Johnston lead the state by 141 yards. Johnston is hopes to see the success and record-breaking trends he left behind continue on through sophomore quarterback Scotty Rippy and freshman quarterback Eddie Schott.
These records did not come without hours of practice, determination, and hard work from Johnston.
“It feels pretty cool that my name will be in the record book for hopefully a while,” Johnston said. “Hopefully Scott (Rippy) or Eddie (Schott) will come and break a couple of records here in the next couple (of) years.”
Johnston says that players that had played with him for the past three years such as wide receivers Tim Jewel, Evans, Aaron Ferguson, senior Wezi Kumwenda, DeMari Davis, running back Cardell Tucker and many others have played a role in his ability to break the school passing records.
Although Johnston is planning to play football in college, he currently only has an offer from Marian University. He says his goal is to play for a Division I school like Indiana University.
Peebles agrees that Johnston had help from receivers every year.
“(Johnston’s) really good,” Peebles said. “He’s extremely accurate, he’s had good protection from the offensive line (and) he’s had a stable of good receivers. There has been a receiver every year go on to play college football whether it be (Tim) Jewel or (Cardell) Tucker last year. Evans has stepped up as his primary weapon this year but senior tight end Evan Higgs has been outstanding.”
Evans broke the school records for receiving touchdowns in a game (5), receptions for a game (21, which is now a state record), receiving yards for a game (256 yards), most receiving yards in a season (1,308 yards), receptions in a season (103), receiving touchdowns in a season and career (which are both 21) this season.
He lead the state in receiving yards by 163 yards. Evans went from playing junior varsity last season to breaking records and leading the state in receiving yards the next season.
“I’m just doing my job and letting the game come to me, basically,” Evans said.
Evans says that the offensive line and Johnston have helped him greatly. He also thinks that the coaches calling the right plays has helped him a lot.
As of right now, Evans is undecided if he wants to play football or basketball in college. Evans says that depending on how this upcoming basketball season goes, he will make his decision about which sport to play at the next level.
Evans still has an entire season to finish writing his legacy. Johnston, however, must leave his behind.