SHS student makes a life-changing decision to open up to others


Photo by Destiny Bryant

Sophomore Lawrence Spurlock

Destiny Bryant, Reporter

Finding inspiration from his friends, an SHS sophomore gets the courage needed to overcome his biggest fear. His fear is telling his loved ones something that may come as a shock to them. Rather than worrying that his parents will reject him, he fears that they will leave his side.

¨[My biggest fear is having] more of the people I love leaving me,¨ Lawrence Spurlock said.

Spurlock faced the challenge of coming out and telling his parents that he is a transgender. His friends freshman Thomas Jones and sophomore Colton Kerner are the ones who helped him get the courage to come out to his parents. Spurlock says that he knows he just had to do it and his friends support made it easier for him to get through.

¨I just figured it was now or never,¨ Spurlock said.

Once the news was presented to his parents, Spurlock says they were confused, and at first they did not really boost his confidence about it, but they just needed some time.

¨After time had passed they came around and their support made me feel a lot better,¨ Spurlock said.

Spurlock is also the president of the Pride Alliance Club and he says that it has taught him a thing or two. He says he has learned to keep in mind that even if one is struggling through a tough time, it’s always good to remember things won’t be tough forever and that there is always an end to the hard times.