The fun began and ended in seconds


Illustration by Jacob Bledsoe

Caitlyn Kriner, Writer

Strapped in and ready to go, Junior Dylan Shaffer visited the amusement park Holiday World with a friend when things definitely took a left turn. After the 90-second ride Shaffer soon realized his experience on The Raven was not yet over.

Shaffer came into Holiday World with high expectations, but a little apprehensive. Though his apprehensiveness was not covered, when Shaffer encountered an unconventional experience with a roller coaster.

He was already irritable about riding the rides at Holiday World, but his friend talked him into going onto the popular roller coaster, The Raven. Shaffer, of course, was really uneasy about the whole thing. He says going through the roller coaster was scary but when the ride came to a stop was when things started to really go south.

When it came time to unbuckle everyone to get out of the coaster his harness was stuck.

“They were all on their walkie talkies saying things like code red, we need him out,” Shaffer said. “I was screaming get me out of this cart, the whole time.”

During the time passing, they told him that he may have to go again with hopes that it may unlock, yet Shaffer refused. The whole process was about 10 minutes when the ride itself was only supposed to be a minute and 30 seconds.

He says Holiday World employees had brought up a team of people to completely disassemble the harness off the ride itself so Shaffer could exit safely. After the horrific 10-minute experience on the roller coaster Shaffer decided to end his trip at Holiday World.