Skippers create issues for staff

Logan Flake, Reporter

Throughout a school day, some students might find that it’s a good idea to skip out on a class in favor of grabbing a bite to eat or to just get away from the building. Dean AJ Martzall says that this is a safety concern and might lead to consequences if it continues.

Though Martzall says that actions are taken to prevent students from skipping classes, like monitoring outside cameras to catch students before they can leave and having teachers watch the halls during Ipass, students still find ways to get out.

Martzall says that though these students aren’t supposed to leave, the school is still responsible for them, which can lead to issues.

“When kids come to school for the day, we’re responsible from the time school starts until we dismiss…,” Martzall said. “Students put teachers and administrative staff in an odd situation by leaving without us knowing.”

Senior Arizona Hinkle agrees that students leaving when they’re not supposed to can put teachers in a bad spot.

(students leaving) puts more liability on the teachers that they’re supposed to be with,” Hinkle said.

Martzall went on to say that a student skipping without notice could lead to panic in the case of an emergency if a skipping student was needed immediately by a family member or the school itself.

The rules SHS has against skipping classes are in place for a reason according to Martzall, and shouldn’t be ignored, regardless of the class.

“Some kids say ‘well it’s just study hall’ or ‘it’s just lunch.’ We have rules and policies to follow, not just to have them,” Martzall said, “It’s a safety thing,”

Martzall also says that if students continue to skip consistently, it might come at the cost of losing some classes and programs that have to do with exiting the building, like unassigned study hall and various blended classes.