Having a job is beneficial to teenage students


Destiny Bryant, Reporter

Going on night drives with my closest friends to the local Speedway to purchase a luscious, cherry red speedy freeze and a bag of the oh-so-delightful sour patch kids has become a rarity in my schedule these days.

Many high school students have turned in doing such things in exchange to obtain a part-time job. According to Marketwatch.com, nearly 80 percent of high school students have a job.

With the fun of having your own spending money comes the emptiness of having little to no time to do the things that many of our friends get to take part in. It takes a lot of time in itself to just make time for the many other things such as school, homework, athletics and extracurriculars in our bustling schedules.

It is a handful to hold a job on top of many other things, but it is beneficial. Not all life skills are obtained in school, according to successfulstudent.org.

Of course students learn some life skills, but going to classes everyday and learning calculus or physics is not going to be able to help us get out of sticky situations we may come across in life. Having a job is a learning process, and it keeps students busy.

Things become hectic, but that does not make students turn away from having a job.

High school students are able to take many things away from having a job. Time management is an important life skill to have. Employed students have to manage going to school, doing homework, doing their work for any other after school activities that they take part in and working, all while trying to maintain their sanity.

Teens also take away the knowledge of money management. Price tags are often viewed more considerably as kids learn the skill of budgeting. The levels of appreciation rise when teens buy things for themselves rather than others buying it for them, according to ecampustours.com.

Teamwork can be considered a life skill, and when working in a place with others it often takes more than one person in order to make the wheels of the company turn. That’s a skill that teens can carry into their everyday lives.

Having a job can improve our everyday health, it can attribute to the self-esteem and confidence of students, according to dailymail.co.uk. Which explains why most people go into depression when they retire or get fired.

So yes, having a job can be a handful and can make one cringe, but there are so many things that students can take away from applying themselves into the workforce.