Cards look for big win at Cardinal Classic


Justin Ray

Senior Josh Love practices his kicking technique with a kick board to prepare for the Cardinal Classic.

Justin Ray, Reporter

The SHS boys and girls swimming team will host the Cardinal Classic Saturday Dec. 5 at 8 AM.

This is a relatively bigger meet than what most SHS swim meets are. The Cards do a lot of dual meets, but this Saturday they will face Franklin Central, Perry Meridian, Warren Central, Heritage Christian and Cardinal Ritter.

“We expect good performances and to maintain a good attitude because it’s a big meet,” junior Dominick Farino said.

The boys team has a record of 1-1 and the girls team has a record of 2-1.

Senior Jaclyn Boyer says that the teams are coming off of a recovery week so Coach Jefferies is giving them less yardage. Boyer says that the relay teams will have a good chance of scoring this Saturday.

“It’s a big meet because there are six teams instead of just two teams playing against each other so it’s a longer meet and there’s more competition with better girls and boys,” Boyer said. ‘But compared to meets like County and Sectionals it’s not that big. It’s just a fun meet.”