Students invited to lunch with Dr. Thomas Little

Logan Flake, Reporter

Stable and active communication between the student body and administration is something that is seen as a top priority by Perry Township superintendent Dr. Thomas Little. One of the many ways Little expresses his desire to be on the same page with students is through hosting student luncheons at both SHS and Perry Meridian High School.

These lunches, which started happening around 2 years ago according to Little, are intended to be used as an outlet for students to talk about their experiences at school straight to both Little and the school’s principal themselves.

“I felt a need to connect in some form or fashion with some members of the student body to get an idea and understanding of how well things are going, and also to hear from the students from the standpoint of what we can do to make good school even better,” Little said.

Barbara Brouwer, who is in charge of inviting students from SHS to attend the lunches,  says that she tries to invite a good blend of students from year to year as opposed to inviting the same people every time. She says that the most recent lunch was centered mainly around students involved in clubs and other activities, but that other groups like class officers, and even the valedictorian and salutatorian, have been invited in the past. This is seen as a way for more groups to be represented and be able to get their opinions out there.

According to Brouwer, these lunches serve more of a purpose than just giving the township student feedback. She hopes that the students that she invites can take something positive away from the lunches as well.

“I’m trying to expand and grow, and not only let them talk about cool things at Southport, but grow them as people as well,” Brouwer said.

Senior key club representative Peter Lian, who attended one of the lunches, says that he felt the lunch achieved what it set out to do.

“It let students’ voices be heard so they can make school better,” Lian said.

The next of these lunches is set to occur sometime in the spring of 2016, and Brouwer says it will be heavily centered around student officers.