Pep Sessions aren’t as they used to be


Chelsea Burnett, Reporter

In previous years, pep rallies have been longer and included short skits, relay races, uncaging the bird and many more ideas generated in the minds of the booster club and from other people who help to put it together.

According to students at SHS, the favoritism that they have had in past years towards the pep rallies have dwindled due to cutbacks in the creativity department. With previous pep rallies setting the bar at skits and interactive relay races on the court and loud music and chanting, some students, such as sophomore Jonathan Pierce. He believes that the more recent pep rallies have been falling short.

“They talk through everything and there’s nothing…that excites the crowds,” Pierce said.

On the days that SHS holds a pep rally, students follow their Wednesday schedule throughout the day. This ensures that the students are out of class by 1:55 and on their way to the gymnasium. Once at the pep rally, students sit in the bleachers according to class. Seniors, juniors, sophomores and freshmen. Next, the dance team does a routine, which, senior Andrea Graef says is one of the few things that is interesting at the pep rallies.

Both Pierce and Graef say that the pep rallies of recent have seemed to be shorter and do not get the students “pepped” for the season. Unlike previous years where during the pep rallies they did skits, the seniors don’t do much.

“They introduce the sports and they do their walk and that is it,” Pierce said.

He says that everything is predictable at the pep sessions this year.

According to both Pierce and Graef, what would drastically improve the pep rallies would be more variation and, as Pierce said, more things to “excite the crowds.”

“If they would do more interacting with students and switched stuff up a little bit I feel like it would definitely add more life to it and make our school spirit a lot stronger,” Pierce said.