Caroling is a humbling experience


Sung Tha Zathang, Reporter

This afternoon, I and other students from the Key Club went caroling at nursing homes to spread the joys of the holiday. We went to Forest Creek Village and The Waters of Indianapolis from 2:30 p.m. to 3:30 p.m. to sing for the patients there.

Geneve Cung, the president of Key Club, says that this was the officers’ idea and that this isn’t the first time for the event. According to Cung, they’ve done it ever since her freshman year. She says they are continuing this because they want to keep the tradition going and spread the holiday spirit.

“We just want to give back to the community and just make people excited for Christmas,” Cung said.

Being apart of the club and singing with the others was really fun and touching. Seeing all the seniors made me think of my grandparents in Burma, and I really miss them. All the students were really happy to sing for the elderly.

One student, Peter Lian, says that he felt humble and pleasant to see the elderly and that he respects them.

“When we see them smile once a year, it’s really touching,” Lian said. “We want to make them smile and to be able to do that was a really good feeling. We also want to thank them for welcoming us because that means a lot to us.”

With tears in their eyes, they walked around and shook hands with the seniors. I was too sad to shake hands with them because when I see them, I remember my grandparents, and it was hard for me to talk to them and shake their hands. I walked away without interacting and now I regret that because I might not get another opportunity.

This was a really good experience for me, and if there is another opportunity like this in the future, I would like to do it again. This time, though, I want to be able to communicate with the seniors so that I don’t walk away feeling regretful.