Muslims are welcome here


Andrew Tapp, Reporter

To Muslims here in America,

Hello, you don’t know me so allow me to introduce myself. My name is Andrew Tapp. I’m a white Christian-American. A majority of my political beliefs are shared by members of the Republican party, the same party that seems to be getting behind a man that would love nothing more than to keep people like you out.

Allow me first off to apologize for things Donald Trump and other Americans have said about your people. In a country that was founded by immigrants, I am shocked that rhetoric like this is coming out of the mouths of people that are seeking the highest office in the Western Hemisphere. These statements are not all that different than those made by a man who caused the death of millions and the world to turn on itself. According to, Adolf Hitler caused World War II by invading Poland. This one man caused about 72 million deaths, according to I can assure the American populace will not elect a man who shares the same thoughts as a man such as Hitler.

Also, I am sorry that we live in such a society that people look at you and immediately start labeling you as a terrorist or someone who wants to kill them. You are different than the radicalized members of your religion. It’s not fair that you should have to undergo so much discrimination just because of what you believe in. There are people who are Christians that threaten to kill people and are radicalized for different things than those of the Islamic faith, yet we don’t see them as legitimate threats just walking down our streets and living in our neighborhoods. Robert Dear, a radicalized Christian, just killed three people and wounded nine more, according to CNN. However, because he was white, no one suspected him of doing anything harmful. Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m not calling for discrimination of white Christians on top of Muslims. I’m saying it’s time for us to stop stereotyping and to start looking at individuals versus entire people groups.

There are plenty of Muslims here in America who work alongside us. Their kids play with our kids, and we go through life together. The only difference is they go to mosque when we go to church or just spend Sunday mornings relaxing. Why should what religion a person practices determine who they are? Just because someone walks into a mosque does not automatically make them chant “death to America.” They go in there to praise their god.

Just because I walk into my church on a Sunday morning does not automatically make me start hating gays and loving the radical right-wing of the Republican party. I go in there to worship God, hang with my friends and teach little second graders more about Jesus.

It’s time for people to stop stereotyping based on a person’s religion. Religion is something we believe and something we practice. To others, religion is nothing but a hoax, and that’s fine. We need to respect one another’s beliefs and opinions. It’s the only way America will be great once again.