New school, same system


Spanish teacher Kristen Perry

Chloe Meredith, Reporter

Kristen Perry has been teaching for 17 years, just recently teaching at Zionsville High School for four. She’s never been to SHS, until now.

“I think I came in pretty prepared,” said Perry. “I mean every place is going to be a little bit different and have their quirks.”

Perry is the new Spanish 1 and 2 teacher at SHS. This is her first time at SHS, having only been at SHS since the beginning of the semester. Perry says it has been interesting adjusting to her new block schedule, something she had never seen before SHS.

Perry did her time as a student teacher at Perry Meridian High School, making her familiar with the area. Perry says that although she is new to SHS, there are some things that never change, no matter what school she is at.

“It’s just a new place,” said Perry. “But some things are always consistent.”

Tanner Dyson, Sophomore, is adjusting well to Perry, who is his Spanish 2 teacher.

“I thought it was kind of weird having a new Spanish teacher…,” Dyson said. “But she seemed nice and seemed like she wanted to help.”

Dyson says he thinks he’ll adjust fine to the new teaching style, claiming Perry is not like any teacher he’s had before, but it is a good thing.

“I think she’s a good teacher and wants us to work hard,” Dyson said.