Junior’s resolution to read 50 books


Junior Brittany Hayes reads a book in the library on Jan. 13. Hayes did not have much time on her hands last year, so she plans on reading 50 books by 2017.

Courtney Russell, Reporter

Last year, junior Brittany Hays’s life was too preoccupied with outside distractions that she did not get to pursue what she is really interested in.
Hays reads books like some people watch movies or play sports, it is her hobby. She decided that this year she would like to focus on her books instead of all the things going on around her.
“People have their videos, games, movies and sports, and I’ve got my books,” Hays said.
Hays’s New Year’s goal is to read 50 books before 2017. She explained that reading was a hobby of hers, and after not visiting the library last year as much as she’d like, she decided she needs to read more.
“I wanted to make a goal to take some time for myself with my books and read,” Hays said. “I also really want to expand my personal library.”
Some of the books Hays wants to read include the Divergent series and the Maze Runner series. She plans on keeping her resolution by creating a list of the books she has read. She will have about a week to read each book.