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Courtney Russell
Courtney Russell's my name, and I'm in tenth grade. I am a writer for the feature section of the journal. Basically, American Horror story and Pretty Little Liars are life. I love spending time with my family. My parents divorced when I was eight years old, so I live with my mom, Stacy. I have two younger brothers, one who is attending Southport High school while the other hasn't quite started school yet . The last of my family members living in my house would be my dog, Harley. He is a pomeranian, and close to 8 years old.

Courtney Russell, Reporter

May 19, 2016
Apr 26, 2016
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Apr 25, 2016
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Jan 22, 2016
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Sep 21, 2015
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Sep 08, 2015
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Aug 17, 2015
Students take mission trip to Nicaragua (Story)
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Courtney Russell