Teacher determined to run at least 2 miles a day


Social studies teacher Nathan Fishel runs down the hallway on Jan. 14. Fishel is committed to running at the least 2 miles every day of 2016, even if he is sick.

Courtney Russell, Reporter

As a track coach and a runner in mini marathons, being active is a large part of Nathan Fishel’s life.
Fishel says he is determined this year. In the past few years, he has tried to accomplish a New Year’s resolution of running every calendar day of the year, with few to no exceptions. He believes that it will help him in the future while running mini marathons and during training for cross country season.
“I’ve always been someone that would be wanting to take a day off here, take a day off there,” Fishel said, “And so I’m not taking any days off this year.”
He said that he pondered about what his resolution would be near the end of 2015, and he decided that 2016 would be the year for success. Fishel said that his goal is to run a minimum of two miles per day no matter the conditions.
“I don’t anticipate there being any problems with that even when the minimum I will run on any given day is two miles,” said Fishel. “That’s a minimum. I haven’t really been there yet, and that’s if I’m sick, or if there’s ice on the ground or something like that.”