Is there power in Twins?

Caitlyn Kriner, Reporter

Twin telepathy is the carrying of information from one twin to the other without using any sense or physical communication. But at southport is that really the case? Two SHS twins say they do not believe in twin telepathy but believe in a strong understanding of each other.

Being a twin has no different amenities than having a regular sibling, according to junior Megan Sullivan. She says being a twin is definitely a privilege in her eyes, she does have siblings other than her twin but none with a closer bond than her fraternal twin sister.

“Having a twin isn’t really that much different to me since we don’t look alike but it is good having somebody you can relate to all the time,” Sullivan said.

Sullivan says the theory of twin telepathy in her eyes is not a realistic idea. She believes they understand each other just about as much as any other brother or sister and would not classify their understanding on the simple reason of them being twins.

Though she doesn’t believe in the theory of twin telepathy, Sullivan does believe she understands her sister better than most. Having a twin was never a difficulty in her eyes, they have always been friends with the same group, and still do to this day. Sullivan and her sister have always understood each other’s thoughts and feelings, but nothing related to twin telepathy.

“It’s cool to have somebody there all thee time that you know isn’t going anywhere ever and you’ll always have that person there with you no matter where you are,” Sullivan said.

According to her twin junior Erin Sullivan being a twin is a great feeling because she says that they are never bored and even if they are, they are bored together. Erin loves being around her sister and when she is around her sister, they have a really close, unbreakable bond.

“I wouldn’t say I fully believe in (twin telepathy), but we are really close and understand each other more than others,” Erin said. “Sometimes we do say the same thing or think alike but it’s not twin telepathy it’s just how close we are.”

Erin says that they do have other similarities, but what does make them the closest is their sisterhood and friendship. The two agree that even though they are twins their relationship is strong and they thoroughly understand each other and have a stronger relationship than most.