Stinky situations in the work place


Photo by Leah Newhouse

Senior Alexis Burton gets a sample of frozen yogurt for a customer at Ella’s Frozen Yogurt on Feb., 6. Burton once had to clean up fecal matter while working.

Chloe Meredith, Reporter

Armed with just an apron, gloves and a mop, sophomore Nathan Bucker approached the women’s restroom at Panera, bracing himself for the mess he was about to take on.

Bucker was washing dishes a couple of weeks ago when he was approached by his manager at Panera with a picture on her phone. He had no idea what it was when she instructed him to gather cleaning supplies and make his way to the restroom.

“I walk into the women’s bathroom, and it smells terrible,” said Bucker. “I peak my head into the stall, and there is defecation all over the wall. It [was] coating the stall and the toilet.”

Not knowing what to do, Bucker attempted to slap the mop against the wall to remove the mess, causing it to drip down to the floor. Bucker eventually had to clean up the mess, and says it was so bad he wanted to quit.

Bucker is not the only one who has had struggles with fecal matter in the workplace. Junior Lexi Burton was working at Ella’s Frozen Yogurt over the summer when she encountered a family with a small boy, who appeared to need to use the restroom, she says. After serving the family, they left to the outside eating area.

The mother later came in and told informed Burton that her son had had an “accident.” Burton says she knew that her boss wanted her to clean it up, so she made her way outside with a bucket to find fecal matter on the sidewalk.

“I was really disgusted at first, kind of grossed out,” says Burton. “And then…I plugged my nose and went for it.”