Restaurants the need to be visited on Valentine’s Day


Abigail Barrett

Graduate Rachel Patterson decorates Cupid cakes at Dairy Queen on Friday, Feb. 5.

Chelsea Burnett, reporter

Whether one is celebrating on a budget or going all out for Valentine’s Day, the classic romantic dinner has many interpretations.

From the most expensive to least expensive, White Castle, Dairy Queen, Cheddars and Buca Di Beppos are a few of the many possibilities for different dinner experiences with a significant other.

At the top of the list, holding the place of the least expensive, there is White Castle. For only a few dollars, one can reserve a table at participating restaurants for a romantic dinner together. For the past twenty-five years, White Castle has risen to the occasion and planned a romantic night out on Valentine’s Day only. Located on Emerson Avenue, this dinner will take place from 3 p.m. to 9 p.m. White Castle will be serving their classic sliders on clothed tables with flowers and chocolate according to their website,

Residing on Southport road, Dairy Queen has entered the world of love with their red velvet Cupid Cakes. “Perfectly sized for two,” according to a Dairy Queen advertisement, the cakes only cost about ten dollars. According to Katie Patterson, a Dairy Queen employee, about twenty to thirty people take advantage of this Valentine’s Day deal and she expects this number to “stay around the same.”

5151 Noggle Way is home to one of the 130 Cheddar’s establishments, a casual cafe that serves steak, seafood and more. On average, two people can eat for about forty dollars. This estimate comes from adding together two of the most expensive items on the menu and an appetizer. The restaurant gives off a “Very pleasing atmosphere, great service, and good value atmosphere,” according to multiple reviews on, which gave the restaurant an overall five stars.

Last, but surely not the least, Buca Di Beppo’s italian restaurant serves everything from Salmon Sorrento to a heart shaped lasagna. According to Buca Di Beppo employee Carl Erikson, “about 700 people (make reservations)” to take advantage of this deal on Valentine’s Day.

Although these reservations are not required, they are encouraged. Buca Di Beppo, Erikson says, has an

“atmosphere that is fun. Our goal is to always make every day, every meal, a celebration for every guest, so being a celebratory day, it’s all about fun…it’s all about what we do.”

For a romantic dinner at this italian restaurant, two people can dine for $49.95 with the Valentine’s day special.

A romantic celebration on Valentine’s day does not have to break the bank. Anything from sliders at White Castle’s to italian cuisine at Buca Di Beppo, students can enjoy a night out with fun people and good food.