Cyber Cards in action


Caitlyn Kriner, Reporter

Here at SHS and many other schools there is a Robotics Team that competes with other schools, even in different states. At SHS our Robotics Team is called the Cyber Cards.

Cyber Cards is ran by math teacher Mike Taylor with about 40 students participating.

“There are about 3000 schools involved in Robotics competitions.” Taylor said.

So far the Cyber Cards have won three competitions against other schools in and out of state.

“We just finished the Vex robotics competition, which was in January,” Taylor said. “We have our next competitions in March and April.”  

Senior David Smith has been involved in Cyber Cards  all four years of his high school career. Not only is he involved in the SHS Cyber Cards, but he is also involved in band as well as theatre. Smith has contributed a lot of time into building sets for school productions, and enjoys the similar work tactic in Robotics.

“I enjoy working with technology, I think it’s fun to work with small  parts and mechanical items to use programing,” Smith said. “It’s cool to build these machines that can move around, essentially from scratch.”

He plans to continue a related activity in his years of college to further himself into the activity he has grown a passion for. Smith says Cyber Cards has not only been a fun extracurricular activity, but has built several strong friendships that he hopes to carry out for years to come.