Students take their lives for granted


Sung Tha Zathang, Reporter

Lives have their ups and downs, but what many people don’t realize is that life is beautiful. Many people take their life for granted and out of those people, most of them are students. Students take their lives for granted because they don’t know how beautiful and precious they are, so they harm themselves and make things ugly.

I believe those students don’t have good lives or they’re not satisfied with the lives they have right now, so they talk about suicide and try to take their lives. Those students don’t know the full meaning of life, so they speak so easily about death. Elizabeth Sung also notices a lot of this.

“There are many students who are taking their lives for granted. They don’t know how lucky we are to be able to live today,” Sung said. “Words like ‘I want to die’ or ‘I don’t want to live anymore’ shouldn’t be said too easily because life is a gift from God. We should live our lives the right way.”

It is heartbreaking when hearing people say they want to end their lives. They are saying that because they don’t know how precious our lives are. We should enjoy life while we have the time because we don’t know whether or not we are going to live tomorrow. We need to take the opportunity to make the most of our lives while we have it instead of wishing we were gone.

Many people don’t get to live their lives fully. They have illnesses that take their lives from them. When those people are lying in bed, not able to do anything and not knowing when their lives are going end, we get to go school, go anywhere we want and live our lives to the fullest. We should be happy that we get to do that because some people that don’t even live for a minute.

In life there are many problems that come around, but people shouldn’t give up just because of problems that can be overcome. Every problem has a solution, so instead of giving up so easily, we should try harder to find the answer. Sung describes life as a math problem.

“Life is like a hard math problem because sometimes we struggle, but we shouldn’t give up because there will always be an answer,” Sung said. “Everyone deserves a joyful life, so instead of giving up, why not give our lives a second chance?”

We should give our lives a second chance because it can always get better even if there are many difficulties in our path. We should always remember that there are good things at the end of the path, so no matter how long the path is, we should keep on going until we get there.