What to do on Valentine’s Day when single


Jordan Jones

Sophomore Rachel Trammell sits in study hall, playing on her phone.

Jordan Jones, Reporter


The feeling of ‘love’ is in the air for February despite the fact that some people are alone or just despise the entire idea of the stereotypical holiday. The cliché is that those who are alone should stay at home, in bed, with ice cream and just wallow. That is not the case for these cards, who instead break the stereotype and show what real single people do for Valentine’s Day.

Juniors Nathan Mobley and Ricky Alcuter both plan to relax on Valentine’s day.

“I just plan on staying at home and doing some shoe shopping for Valentine’s Day, I don’t really have any plans,” Mobley said.

While Mobley says he will be busy shopping, Alcuter says that he plans to stay at home and watch “The Notebook.”

“I’m really not planning on doing anything,” Alcuter said.

Despite spending the evening alone, Alcuter says that he plans on ordering Domino’s pizza and eating it all by himself.

On the same note of watching a movie, junior Daron Walker is planning on taking a trip to watch something a little newer at the movies, however his plans are not to watch it alone.

“I don’t really know what new movies there are to see, but I’ll be going and finding out,” Daron said.

Daron says that his Valentine’s Day plan is to go with any of his friends who want to go to the movies with him, having a get together instead of being alone.

Instead of planning on watching a movie for the night sophomore Rachel Trammell says that she is planning on just staying in and relaxing with Netflix.

“I’m just planning on watching Grey’s Anatomy… maybe eating some food, definitely popcorn, maybe some candy… Twix and caramel Milky Ways are my favorites,” Trammell says.

While for others, who are married, the situation is different, like social studies teacher Anthony Braun who dislikes the idea of the Hallmark Valentine’s Day.

“My wife and I will go out to eat to a family restaurant so we can take our son,” Braun said.

The reasons for disliking or liking the holiday are solely based on the person’s opinion.

“The reason why I don’t necessarily love Valentine’s Day is because people think they have to do certain things and there shouldn’t just be one set day for me to show that I love my wife.,” Braun said.

All in all the holiday is one of mixed opinion and feelings. From spending the day with friends, to spending it alone or spending it with family, at SHS people are turning the hallmark holiday on its head.