NHS and The Ronald McDonald House teams up

Caitlyn Kriner, Reporter

SHS and The Ronald McDonald house took place in a special event to raise money and help the families of Riley Hospital. The students of National Honors Society otherwise known as NHS, volunteered their time to spend with the families of Riley Hospital.

The family members of patients at Riley Hospital live in a special neighborhood beside Riley hospital so they can be close to their loved ones.

One of the leaders and also Science teacher Elmer Sanders says these students go in and cook meals for the families. Not only do they go in and make food for the families but they also spend time with them to get to know each family.

“The students raised money not only for the dinner which was awesome, but brought over $100 worth of supplies for each of the families to use at the house,” Sanders said. “…we raised $320.”

For NHS member Senior Nick May, this was his first time being a part of this event at the Ronald McDonald house.

“I think it’s a good thing to help. We don’t get anything back, but knowing you did something good is nice,” May said. “I haven’t participated in this before, I’m not sure if we have in the past, but it’s my favorite (volunteer project) thing we’ve done this so far.”

May loves getting to know the families, he also enjoys getting to help them out in any possible way he can and believes we should continue this through other years of NHS.