Cards say love should be shown every day

Dioneth Salas, Reporter

`What to do on Valentine’s Day is one of the most frequent questions thought and asked as the date approaches. Does it have to be special? The holiday in general can be perceived differently by everyone, but whether it should be a very special day or not doesn’t seem to matter as long as it’s not completely ignored like it doesn’t exist.

“I think you should love that special person every day but holidays remind people who forget to say ‘I love you’ often, so in that small way, Valentine’s Day is sometimes necessary,” Sophomore Danyelle Constant said.

Even though a gift or recognition is nice, knowing what not to do can also be important on this day. Making mistakes is common in life, but it would be nice to be warned before it has already been done.

Constant believes Valentine’s Day shouldn’t be forgotten, but it shouldn’t be such a big deal if it’s going to pressure a couple and if it’s going to be awkward. She says it isn’t worth it at that point. However, she says that if it’s going to be celebrated, people need to go big or go home. She says that there are things that shouldn’t be done on Valentine’s Day like breaking up, only giving a card as a gift (if you’re giving a gift), cheating and spending it with parents.

“If you’re in a relationship, I don’t want to say you have to hang out with each other but you don’t want to just hang out with your friends and not your significant other,” Constant said. “You don’t want to ignore the person that you’re in a relationship with, for one day don’t ignore them and be like ‘I love you, Happy Valentine’s Day’ and think about how much time you should spend with them.”

Senior Austin Jones’ perspective on Valentine’s Day is that it should not be forgotten and it should be mentioned at least once, because if it isn’t then the other person in the relationship won’t be very happy.

“Even if Valentine’s Day isn’t a big deal, I would at least tell them ‘Happy Valentine’s Day,’” Jones said. “You have to know your significant other really well to know what not to give them. I wouldn’t give them something they don’t like.”

English teacher Erin Ancelet has a different perspective on what to do on Valentine’s Day, she says that the most important thing to remember on Valentine’s day is to do the unexpected because it gives more meaning to the whole situation on that day. She personally doesn’t like clichés and says that she prefers something unique and unexpected because it’s more of a surprise, and it’s a surprise to look forward to.

“Do something unexpected and spontaneous and not cliché. People on Valentine’s Day shouldn’t feel obligated to do something nor should they feel stuff should be expected,” Ancelet said.

Even though she says being spontaneous seems to give more thought and meaning to the day, she contrasts her idea with the fact that Valentine’s day shouldn’t be forced and awkward for couples, that it should be expressed with a natural feeling to have a fun day.

“Couples should do something light hearted or silly where either person doesn’t feel pressured to do something over the top,” Ancelet said.