SHS graduate found her path to college

SHS graduate Emily Sung Phto given by Emily Sung

SHS graduate Emily Sung Phto given by Emily Sung

Chhan Mawi, Reporter

“It is waiting time for Seniors!” That’s what SHS EL teacher Amy Peddie always says. Graduation of class of 2016 is getting closer and students are getting ready for life after high school. Some people choose to work after graduation  while others are preparing to go to college. Knowing how to prepare for college during high school years and learning some college experiences will help students, especially seniors.

Emily Sung, SHS class of 2015, is studying Business at Indiana University Bloomington (IUB). Sung is the winner of Lilly Endowment Scholarship in 2015 which covered four years tuition fees. Her favorite teachers including Mrs. Peddie and Mr. HL, SHS EL Teachers and Ms. Breeden, SHS English Teacher are the ones that gave her confidence and helped her throughout her High School years.

“I remember the first time I walked into the school, I was nervous and didn’t feel like I belonged there, but the teachers helped me with my works (school works that I’m struggling with) and they are part of people in my life that helped me and reminded me that I can achieve anything I want to be,” Sung explained.

Her preparation before going to college is just so simple. “I pray to God before I do anything,” Sung mentioned it. During her senior year, Sung applied a few scholarships and five different colleges and basically explored the resources available at each schools. According to Sung, she choose IUB from her college list because she wanted to study business and found out that IUB is a great business school. Her goal is “to be successful in the things [she] do, singing/ businesswoman.”

While in SHS, she was actively involved in Key Club, NHS, Green Earth Society, Coffee House, and SHS journalism. The activities Sung involved gave her a chance to work with the students in particular area while meeting other new students. She claimed that volunteering also gave her a chance to give back for the community. Now, as an IUB student, she is participating in Myanmar Student Association Clubs.

According to her experience, Sung suggested high school seniors to choose colleges, schedule to visit those colleges, set the one that fits as early as possible, apply for any available scholarships, not to “lay back” but to work hard. For college freshmen, as a freshman herself, Sung also recommended to “explore the campus for the first few weeks, meet advisors at least twice a semester,” get to know the professors, attend any major related conferences or meetings, manage time well, and finally, don’t just study, but have some fun, too.

Sung stated that college is much more fun than what she thought it would be.

“Fun and hard at the same time. If you know how to manage your time well, and study hard like everyday is the last day, it is easy. But if you procrastinate, it is hard,” Sung said.