Stay focused during senior year

Fibi Kim, Foreign Language Editor

As the year passed, I have realized that I am already a senior in just a blink of an eye. I remembered the is an old saying: “time flies.” It sure is absolutely true. During my first day of high school,  I was wandering around without knowing where to go because the school was too big. I used to tell myself that four years in high school seems pretty long, and I never thought that I would be involved so much in school activities as I am now. However, I am really proud of myself for my actions, commitment and time I put into SHS while having a busy schedule as a student. I couldn’t wait to be a senior when I was an underclassman. I would be done with high school life quickly, and I thought I would be more free and enjoy my last year with not much worry. But, all of my thoughts turned out to be just imagination when I actually got to my senior year.

Before I was a senior, I did not know much about college, financial needs, what I wanted to major in, where I should get the money or how I could apply for colleges. Everything became opposite from what I imagined being a senior would be. Right after senior year began, Mrs. Peddie pushed me to apply for colleges. I spent most of my after-school time for observing and applying for colleges as it took so much to fill out application forms. Soon after that and in between winter break, she pushed me again to apply for scholarships including the big ones and small ones. And as Mrs. Peddie told us, it is a waiting time for scholarships. I really hoped that I would receive good news soon.

On the other hand, I was not smart like most of my friends, so I had to worry about getting kicked out of National Honor Society (NHS) for the whole first semester. Trying to maintain my grades while applying for colleges and writing tons of essays for scholarships was really hard. On top of it, I still had to stay after school for some of my classes and clubs. It was pretty hard, but I still made it anyway.

It is almost the end of the third nine weeks and there are only 10 more weeks until graduation. I truly believe all of the seniors in the building are full of excitement and are looking forward to graduation day like I do. Everybody is ready to be done with high school life and to move on to college. I want to send messages to current juniors who are becoming seniors next year to focus and to not be lazy. Senior year is as important as the other years. Plus, there are extra things that bother us. So be more focused in school.

Also, time management is important because if doing one thing will take so many hours, then you lose an opportunity to do other important things and are more likely to do poorly in school. I want everybody to not get stressed over college and just seek help. Don’t hesitate to ask your teachers. If and only if I had known about the senior life ahead of time, I would have been able to enjoy my senior year more than I have.