Q&A with Evan Higgs


Senior Evan Higgs cuts down the net after scoring the last points of the game.

Madeline Steward, Reporter

Q: “How do you feel about this being your last basketball season?”

A: “I try not to think about it. But, everyone’s got to come to reality. It sucks, I don’t feel too well about it. But, I try not to think about it, and try to keep positive.”


Q: “How did it feel to score in the last seconds of the sectional championship?”

A: “It felt really good. I remember my adrenaline just going, and my hands were sweaty. But after I laid it up, and the buzzer went off, I just went over and tackled the guys because I was so happy.”


Q: “What made you want to start playing basketball?”

A: “It was one of my favorite sports. It was actually the first sport I ever tried out. I always wanted to be the best I can be, go to the NBA.”


Q: “What’s your favorite basketball memory?”

A: “Back in 8th grade, my coach told me that I was starting, and I had had a really good game against Beech Groove, and there was like five seconds left, 48-48, one of our guards missed a layup, and I had a put-back buzzer beater to win the game.”