Baseball players get tested on mental and physical strength


Britton Whitlock

Baseball players do push-ups as part of a circuit at Stotan.

Luke Manning, Reporter

The baseball team completed its annual round of Stotan Friday morning. All last week the SHS baseball players woke up and had to be at school at 5:15 to start Stotan. When the players arrive they stretch and do many rigorous workouts to test their mental strength and endurance.

Cards baseball coach, Scott Whitlock, says that by completing Stotan it shows that the athlete is ready to mentally handle the season, but does not ensure that they will make the team or get playing time.

“This is all about a team building, conditioning and the mental side of things,” Whitlock said.

According to Whitlock, by Friday the players are completely worn out and are past exhaustion. That is where the mental side of things comes into play.

SHS sophomore Chris Massey completed Stotan and says the workouts were very hard. Massey also said that out of 10 in pain, Stotan is a 10.

Most of the workouts included running, stairs and weightlifting.
“There is a variety of workouts. Monday and Thursday there are circuits and you run seven stair laps. Then you head into the weight room and it’s about 21 reps of (deadlifts, snatches, squats) anything that you can really think of,” Massey said.