Prom: new theme has been decided


This is where prom will beheld for the 2015-2016 school year. Prom will take place on May 14.

Caitlyn Kriner, Reporter

Popular catchy songs have been taking over SHS’s prom for the past few years. Last year the theme was “Uptown Funk” , which according to was the top 13 song last year. This years theme is “1-800- Southport Prom”. The theme came from the popular hit “Hotline Bling” which according to itunes is 65 on the top charts. Class officers plan to continue on the tradition of using song titles for prom themes.

“We came up with it because last year and a few other years they have used song titles, but this was funny,” junior class president Taylor Kincaid said.

Kincaid says, people like the song and it is a popular hit, similar to the theme “Uptown Funk” at last years prom. The theme should get students more and more excited about the dance.

Secretary, junior Mikayla Whittemore says the idea sparked from Kincaid.

Student Council all decided to continue on with the theme of popular songs. Whittemore says the idea of 1-800-Hotline Bling was Kincaid’s idea.

Certain students were concerned that the theme of prom would impact the music style of the dance. Kincaid and Whittemore agree that the theme of the dance should not worry students, but get them excited for the dance itself.

“I think that (the theme) is just more of a title thing,” Whittemore said. “And that there will be music that everyone can appreciate.”