SHS introduces a new reading program


Caitlyn Kriner

Ms. Foor organizes books on the shelves in the SHS library on April 12, 2016.

Caitlyn Kriner, Reporter

In the past years at SHS, athletes have taken part in a program to help better the community. Now SHS is starting a new similar program to help students who have a difficult time reading called the Southport Reads program, initiated by Librarian Tara Foor. This program was made to improve the reading skills of students who struggle with reading or English learning students.

“Right now helpers are just me and teachers. Our next phase is to have students volunteer their time to read to them,” Foor said. “Right now we have a small number, about 10 students who are willing to give their time.”

Foor says the students needing help will receive incentives for improving reading skills in hopes it will get the kids excited and ready to learn. Teachers have been asked to invite students whom they believe would benefit from the program to join.

English teacher Brent Bockelman, who is also involved in the program, says overall it is a way to help students learn and possibly get excited to read. Each student gets to pick out a book that sparks their interest. The  goal is to get students thrilled about books outside of a school setting and enhance their abilities.

“It gives some of our students a chance to see things differently.” Bockleman said. “It hopefully gets kids more into reading and for that it can be a little more exciting and build a love for reading.”