Upperclassmen take invites to the next level


Photo contributed by Desiree Kinney

Senior Desiree Kinney and SHS graduate Andrew Snyder after Kinney kidnapped him to ask him to prom. Kinney planned this “promposal” with senior Alexis Burton.

Chloe Meredith, Reporter

From puppies to posters, “promposals” are becoming more popular, even at SHS. Students are looking to personalize how they ask their special someone, in hopes to add to the excitement of prom.

“It’s the thought that counts,” Junior Keaton Moore said.

“Promposals” are proposals, but instead of asking for one’s hand in marriage, one asks someone special to prom. “Promposals” give high schoolers the chance to get creative when asking someone special to prom, enhancing the excitement for the other person to attend prom. Many students include a play on words or a performance, adding to the hilarity of a “promposal”.

Not only can one see “promposals” on social media, but they can also see them at SHS. SHS students are coming up with more and more unique “promposals” to ask their significant other, long-time crush, or friend.

Senior Desiree Kinney asked her boyfriend college freshman Andrew Snyder to prom in a creative way, with the help of her friend senior Lexi Burton. Kinney says it was all Burton’s idea, sneaking upstairs and “tying” Snyder up. Together, the girls continued to “kidnap” Kinney’s boyfriend by driving him around and taking back him to Kinney’s house where Kinney was waiting outside with a sign that read, “I kidnapped you, but will you kidnap me 2 prom?” and glow sticks on the ground spelling, “Prom?”

“It was really fun,” Kinney said. “Obviously he knew it was us…but still it was a lot of fun.”

Kinney is not the only one who “promposed” to their significant other. Keaton Moore asked his girlfriend, sophomore Regan Reynolds, to prom by using her favorite animal and some creativity.

Moore says he came up the idea himself, after remembering her favorite animal is an elephant, making it more personal. He “promposed” to Reynolds by attaching a sign to a stuffed elephant saying, “I’d be a dumbo if I didn’t go to prom with you,” alluding to the classic Disney character Dumbo.

“I can’t wait to go with her,” Moore said.