First state, now Worlds: Cyber Cards prepare for competition


Nick Meacham

Junior Torey Dunn works alongside a freshman Robotics team member.

Andrew Tapp and Logan Flake, Reporter

The road to St Louis, MO is 242 miles long from Indianapolis, but it just got a lot shorter for the Cyber Cards.

After a state title victory on April 16, SHS’ robotics team, the Cyber Cards, will be advancing to the world championship at The Dome in St. Louis.

This marks the first time that the Cyber Cards have ever been a part of the world championship, an event which will include 600 teams from over 30 countries.

Junior Kobe Tasker says that looking up at the scoreboard at the end of the match and seeing that the Cyber Cards had won big, setting a new high score for that particular game in the process, was just the icing on the cake to what he had already considered to be a successful run.

“It was probably the most euphoric thing we’ve ever experienced,” Tasker said. “We’ve never been to finals to begin with…At that point, when we were finally in the final matches, it was just like ‘we’re there just for fun. We did what we wanted to do.’”

However, the Cyber Cards will look to put this win on the backburner as they now move towards making the necessary preparations for a world championship visit.  

Junior Torey Dunn, who was operating the robot when the Cyber Cards won state, says that tweaks are being made both to the robot and to the mindset of the team members in wake of the coming championship.

“We’re working with a kind of secondary version,” Dunn said, “or new version of the robot, where we’re gonna start putting on new parts, testing for any potential breakdowns or errors within the robot and just mentally getting ourselves ready for the challenges at Worlds.”

Robotics advisor Mike Taylor wants his team to perform well, but on top of that he hopes that they all take a minute to capture the moment.

“My advice to them,” Taylor said, “is one: represent the state and the school proudly. The second piece of advice is: just soak it all in, because this is something pretty spectacular.”