NFL’s way of suspending players is flawed

Emma DeHart, Sports Writer

Baltimore Ravens RB Ray Rice was suspended for two games after knocking out his then fiance and dragging her out of a casino in February. Indianapolis Colts LB Robert Mathis was suspended for four games for using the drug Clomid, which is commonly used in fertility situations.

Neither of the players got a fair suspension. Abusing anyone is much worse than trying to make a family.

The NFL commissioner, Roger Goodell, said that domestic violence is a non-funny joke. So why was Rice only suspended for two games? Why is it right for Rice to punch someone while Mathis is trying to make a famliy?

Clearing up the rules and having fair suspensions should be a goal for the NFL in the next few years. It is not fair that Goodell gets to choose the suspension for each incident. The NFL needs to have a written script to follow when it comes to any disciplinary problems.

Kansas City Chiefs WR Dwayne Bowe was suspended for one game for possession of marijuana. The marijuana that Bowe had and the fertility drug that Mathis had should not differ in consequences.

If Goodell has something against one of the players that violates any of the NFL’s rules then Goodell could suspend them far longer than they actually should be suspended for or vice versa because of a personal connection. No one’s opinion and judgement should determine the consequences of a broken rule.

Colts owner Jim Irsay was arrested for DUI and possession of drugs. The commissioner has still not given Irsay any suspension so far. The league should not be able to suspend players for things that all other personnel do not get suspended for as well.
The NFL needs to have a more efficient way of giving out suspensions and have universal rules. Players are not being suspended for the right amount of time whether it is too long or not enough.