New activities added to SHS library


Tara Foor

Freshman Victoria Fitzgerald is reading the IMC.

Caitlyn Kriner

To attract students who may not have an interest in reading, librarian Tara Foor has included Legos, coloring pages, robots and Jenga. The SHS library has made many improvements within the past year to bring students into the library.

Foor’s intentions are to make the SHS library one of a kind. She says libraries have greatly evolved from what they used to be, libraries aren’t just books anymore.

“By evolving we are satisfying everybody’s needs,” Foor said. “The best way to expose students to the different possibilities that are out there we try and provide those possibilities here.”

During finals week the library will be offering challenges(brain teasers) to give your brain a break and ease a stressful week.

IMC Clerk Meghan Adams says there are a lot of make your space materials where students can create and not just study or read. Though the librarians love students to feel comfortable and coming in to study they want them to feel welcome coming in for fun as well.

“I think especially this year adding looms, sewing machine, Legos and more craft supplies has gotten the students a lot more involved,” Adams said.

All in all Adams says they just want students to feel like the library is a secure place.

“I think it is important to show a space that is Southport’s,” Foor said. “I want to make sure that students feel welcome here.”