Student band shares love of music with others


Junior Devon Reynolds

Jaycee Fitzgerald, Reporter

To junior Devon Reynolds, music isn’t just music, it’s a part of his daily life. Reynolds not only uses his talents to have fun, but he is making a career for himself too. Reynolds has been involved with music since he was a freshman, and he started a band with four of his friends called The Gimps. The band’s goal is to use their talents to share their love of music to others.

“I’m a part of the local music scene, and I have a lot of friends that were in it,” Reynolds said. “I like to jam out. I like to play music a lot. There is a lot of hype surrounding it.”

Reynolds has the special talents of playing the drums and singing. His band plays for larger events at the Emerson Theater and the Hoosier Dome. They play house shows for friends and family. He also records his own drum covers of songs he likes.

His determination is what drives him. Getting better and bringing joy to others are the driving factors. He practiced everyday over the summer to do this. Now that school has started, they practice every single weekend. 

The band’s determination and passion are what keeps them together. No matter what, Reynolds has never thought about leaving the band. The group works through their problems together. It only drives them further and makes them stronger.

“People don’t see eye to eye on some things,” Reynolds said. “Like let’s say somebody wants a song to go this way, or somebody doesn’t show up to practice. Stuff like that will discourage you.”

The whole band just wants to continue building on their music. If they make it big, then they would be thrilled, according to Reynolds.  However, having fun and helping others cope with their problems is what they really strive to do.

Bandmate Thomas Jones, a graduate of Arsenal Technical High School, and Reynolds both agree that having fun is why they started the band in the first place. Both Jones and Reynolds want to make music for fun, and if other people enjoy, that’s another plus.

“A lot of people have nothing else to do besides enjoy music,” Jones said. “Some people use music as a coping skill, and if they use our music as one, I can say I’m happy with what I’m doing.”