News brief: Governor Pence gets rid of ISTEP

Indiana Governor Pence signs legislation to get rid of ISTEP test


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Governor Mike Pence

Madison Gomez, Reporter

Indiana is about to get rid of ISTEP.  They tested last year on sophomores and that proved to have too many technical errors. Therefore, Governor Mike Pence signed a bill to get rid of the test after 2017.

The U.S. Secretary of Education, John King Jr., believes that changes need to be made. They proposed to have a test that differentiates between students to conform to how they learn.

“When we craft assessments as teachers and when the State provides us with assessments that measure that students ability, I think students go into those assessments confident,” Emanuel Harper, a teacher at Herron High School, said in a Fox59 interview.

There is no definitive test that will replace it, but soon the business of replacing the ISTEP test will be in the hands of the Governor and the state legislature.