News brief: World leaders concerned about Trump

World leaders are voicing concerns about Donald Trump being elected


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The G8 discuss world events. Some are skeptical about Trump.

Madison Gomez, Reporter

The U.S. Presidential candidates attract some attention from other world leaders when the nominees are chosen. In 2016, some world leaders are convinced that Trump will win and their thoughts are anything but positive.

Trump has planned to build an extensive wall which will span the Mexican border. He also plans to remove troops that are vital to halting China from attacking other countries.

“They’re scared and they’re trying to understand how real this is,” said one American official, in touch with foreign leaders, to Politico. “They all ask. They follow our politics with excruciating detail. They ask: ‘What is this Trump phenomenon? Can he really win?…’ They’re all sort of incredulous.”

It is unclear who the winner will be in the election. Either way, other nation leaders are fearful of what Trump may do if he receives enough votes this November.