Terrors of drive thru


Chris Cox

Junior, Destiny Bryant

Destiny Bryant, Entertainment Editor

On every McDonald’s sign, they make sure to add that they “over 99 billion served.” Something that they fail to mention when you apply is the health risks of working in the drive thru.   

Alright, so when the numbers are broken down that means that on average,  at least 68 million people go through a McDonald’s drive thru every day according to thefiscaltimes Any McDonald’s employee can tell you about the targets that they emphasize. The supervisors often set a goal of getting approximately 115 cars through the drive thru each hour.

That means that, when working the drive thru window at a fast food restaurant,  it is expected to see roughly 863 cars a day (this being for an eight hour shift with a 30 minute lunch break, of course.)

According to www.census.gov/popclock, on August 9, 2016 at 11:44 p.m., there were 319 million people accounted for in America and about 1 in 6 Americans smoke, according to www.cdc.gov/tobacco/data .

If one in every six Americans smoke, go ahead and do the math to find the number of people that have no problem going through the drive thru with a lit cigarette in their hand.

From a very young age, they teach about the dangers of smoking and of second-hand smoke, but it seems like this common knowledge gets thrown out the window. The idea that people are completely ignorant about the damage they are doing to the health of drive thru workers is baffling. People light up and completely disregard the common courtesy of waiting until they leave the drive thru.

All that I’m saying is that when people go through the drive thru expecting for the people in the restaurant to respect them they, should be respectful of the people working by not lighting up until they pull away from the second window.