Students need to stop being petty


Chris Cox

Junior, Chloe Meredith

Chloe Meredith, Features Editor

Why is it cool to be petty?

There has been something plaguing my mind, ever since the trend appeared earlier this year. It has sparked the creation of many memes, started many jokes, and caused a heap of drama. It is something that seems so casual thanks to Twitter: being petty. Something that has been around since the creation of man, but only recently has become the trend.

But why? I am honestly confused as to how something so negative could be a trend? Pettiness? You want that ugly word associated with you? Petty means dragging out any drama you can, just to be pathetic, cause harm or damage, or make someone pay for what one feels was wronged unto them. Pettiness is nothing more than a negative attitude to an initially bad situation.

One can avoid being petty in a number of ways. One way is to move on. Most instances with someone being petty take place when that someone can not get over something one has done in the past unto them, even the most minimal of ethical offenses. Another way is for the wronged to talk with the person who wronged them. In all seriousness, most drama can be avoided if people just talk to each other, rather than drag out a situation behind someone’s back. Most of the time, someone that wronged a friend doesn’t know they’ve wronged them until after the hurt friend caused damage by being petty. Another way is to just to leave them peacefully, whether this be a boyfriend, girlfriend, best friend, or just someone who is going to cause more grief in one’s life.

No one benefits from pettiness and negativity. Even after being petty, the person who was wronged doesn’t feel better, and in the end, has lost a friend. Being petty only gets people hurt.

If I am to be honest, you are better off leaving a person who’s only goal is to bring negativity into one’s life. And you should never feel guilty about it. Ever. You should never be manipulated into continuing a toxic relationship, and if you should ever feel like this is happening to you, then you should run. Make like a meme and run. No one needs all that.

Anyway, the point is stray away from pettiness. Or any other negativity thrown your way. You shouldn’t be petty, either. There are other alternatives that have far less worse outcomes and less damage. Remember, every action has it’s consequences, and you could face major ones just by being petty. Just because you see it on Insta, doesn’t mean you should do it to.