SHS takes last second loss against Roncalli


Junior Justice Demers tries to break a tackle. SHS could not convert a final hail mary play that would have won them the game.

Michael Long, Reporter

SHS had Roncalli on the ropes. At their own 20 yard line, the Roncalli Rebels snapped the ball trailing 21-18. After seconds of scrambling, Roncalli completed a pass which lead to an 80-yard touchdown, putting Roncalli up 25- 21. That last minute play is what sealed the season opener’s fate.

A last second loss is not how new head coach Brandon Winters wanted to start off the first game of the season, which took pace on Friday, Aug. 19.

“Well, it doesn’t feel good,” Winters said. “That’s probably all I can say about that. (It) doesn’t feel good.”

SHS had a rough start from the kickoff. Aside from the game being delayed because of lightning, SHS started with a failed kick return, two penalties and an interception. But with plays like a 60-yard pass to Sergiey Slaughter for a touchdown and a 79-yard touchdown run by Andrew Mappes, SHS gained a 21-18 lead heading into the fourth quarter. Even with these big plays, SHS simply did not have enough time to come back after Roncalli’s late touchdown.

“Coach called a good coverage,” middle linebacker Jalen Williams said. “We read our keys. Our corners dropped back.  It was a big scramble. We lost the receiver, and they made a good play.”

This good play, according to Williams, was the final nail in the coffin for SHS, and it lead to their defeat by Roncalli 25-21.