What Homecoming Means to the Community


Photo contributed from thejournalrewired.com

Senior Kobe Tasker (left) and Senior Mikayla Whittemore (right) throw out candy at last year’s homecoming parade. Each float has a theme.

Homecoming is an event that occurs during the fall season of school and usually every school has one. This event is a chance for graduates and people from the community to come back to celebrate their high school, according to class office sponsor Joe Leonard and booster club sponsor Stacey Matlock.

Homecoming is a multi faceted event that consists of a parade where students and teachers take part in, followed by a football game and a dance the next day. The dance at SHS is where only students and staff from the school can take part in. They can also have waivers signed so they can bring people from other schools to attend.

“To me, it’s a time to celebrate the school and our successes, a great way for the student body to bond with building the float for the competition because the class get together and also honoring students who have done well,” Matlock said.

Part of the homecoming parade that will take place tonight is the decoration and display of floats for various sports teams or clubs from schools around Perry Township. The students involved in the parade range from many different clubs or sports around the school. Being involved in the parade means the students want to show pride for the extra curricular activities they are involved in at SHS, according to junior vice president Hairo Rivas.

Students show their pride in many different ways. They help construct and decorate their float according to the chosen theme and give donations like supplies for the float. Ones who ride on the floats that are constructed also bring candy to the parade to throw to the many spectators standing along the street. Some roads around the Southport area get blocked for this event and are guided by the police.

“Homecoming to me means to show pride for our school and have school spirit,”  Rivas said. “And just to step back and realize what Southport High School has to offer and how diverse it is.”

Among the many floats are cars that the homecoming court rides on. Teachers nominate one female and one male from each of the classes for the homecoming court. The underclassmen are considered princes and princesses and the kings and queens are from the senior class. The senior class has three males and three females that are considered candidates for King and Queen and the student body votes for who will win.

This year, the courts were announced on SPTV on Sept. 6. The king and queen will be announced tonight at the game. The court ride in the parade and preside over the dance and other various homecoming activities. The teachers can nominate whoever they choose, but the students have to be in good standing. The students chosen are positive examples for others, participate in extracurricular events and have a minimum of a 2.5 GPA, according to Matlock.

The football game takes place right after the parade. Some students go home or head straight to the stadium to support the cardinals.

After the parade and football game, the dance will take place. For this year, it will take place tomorrow in the east gym starting at 8 in the evening until 10. Just like the floats, the dance also has a theme. This year’s theme is “Incredible Through the Ages.”

“I think it’s a great experience for everyone, especially for those who haven’t gone to the games or the parade to give it a try,” Matlock said.