Meet the senior Homecoming court nominees

Caitlyn Kriner, Social Media Manager


Each year teachers pick six senior students, three boys and three girls, to recognize their class as homecoming king and queen nominees. During homecoming week, students vote for which two seniors they believe should win as the queen and king. This year’s nominees are Christy Dean, Heather Blankenbaker, Erin Sullivan, Jacob King, Lane Skutt and Jason Weaver. 

For Weaver this year is his second time being nominated for homecoming court. He was homecoming prince his sophomore year. The senior
court agrees that homecoming court is a positive thing that simply gives recognition.

“I don’t think people should feel bad, it (gives people recognition) that put time into Southport,” Skutt said.

For Blankenbaker, Dean and Skutt, homecoming court means representing not only the senior class, but the whole school in a positive, fun way. According to King it is an honor to be nominated. 

“There are a lot of people who deserved to be nominated and I’m honored that the teachers chose me as one of their people” King said.

Questions & Answers

  •  How did you feel when you heard you were nominated, as a senior, for homecoming court

Blankenbaker: “I was surprised, but it was a happy surprise, and it’s really exciting.”
Dean: “When I first found out, I was kinda surprised but really excited!”
King: “I was pretty excited, a few of my friends had won homecoming prince before, so I was excited to have my turn”
Skutt: “I was surprised, I was happy. I wasn’t expecting it.”
Sullivan: “It’s kind of cool to get to represent your class, I didn’t really expect I would get it”
Weaver: “I was, I was  very excited. I was surprised, but usually they bring back one or two people from the previous year.”

  • What sports or clubs are you involved in at SHS?

Blankenbaker: Booster club, cross country, track, yearbook, National Honor Society
Dean: Cross Country team captain, Riley Dance Marathon director, Booster Club officer
King: NHS
Skutt: Volleyball, Riley Dance Marathon
Sullivan: Cross country, track, soccer, National Honor Society
Weaver: Was in basketball and football team, but after hurting his knee, he is no longer involved

  • What is your definition of school pride?

Blankenbaker: “Being proud of your school and representing it well. Being involved too because I think that shows you care and want the best for your school.”
Dean: School pride means being involved in different school activities and positively supporting all parts of Southport
King: “Having a better student section than Perry”
Weaver: “School Pride is no matter what is going on within the school or how our sports teams are going you still enjoy and root for your school in any way possible.”

  • How do you balance your schedule?

Blankenbaker: “It can be really stressful at times.. But I try to have good time management and plan everything out in advance. That way I make sure I get everything done at some point.”
King: “The projects we have to do for NHS don’t interfere with school all that much, so it’s not too difficult to balance.”
Sullivan: “I’m busy a lot of the time, but I usually just try and always stay busy, when I get home from soccer I just work on my homework. I would say you just have to stay organized.”