Kick-starting a Strong Season


Madelyn Knight

Junior goalie Emily Chambers prepares to punt the ball. Chambers has been on varsity for the past two years.

Melissa Bushong and Madeline Steward







SHS girls’ soccer started their season off strong with a three game winning streak, leaving them with a current record of 3-3-1. This is already one more win than the lady cards earned in their entirety of last year’s season with their 2-14 record.

“We have to two new freshman who are really good,” said varsity captain, junior Emily Chambers. “They brought to the team this new sense of attitude that we can do this, so we all just have a different mindset.”

Kendall Henderson, one of the two freshman on varsity, believes their team’s dedication and determination has helped bring them together, despite their recent losses. Henderson, and the rest of the team, are ready to continue the season with positive attitudes in order to secure more victories.

“(The winning streak) really boosts our confidence,” Henderson said. “Going into the Perry game we felt pretty confident. We lost, but we still feel good. We still feel like we can win more.”

Both Chambers and Henderson agree that there will more wins in their future and that each team member will take part in pushing them to become a better, more successful team and family.

The next Lady Cards’ game will be tomorrow at Decatur Central at 11:30 am, and they invite and hope to see everyone there.