Booster Club forms ‘Red Sea’ for football video


Trinity Cline-Smith, News Writer

Southport students joined forces to create a “Red Sea” this morning, according to senior Booster Club member Lily Freese. The whole process was recorded in order to show it at Lucas Oil Stadium this Saturday in an epic music video showdown during the Southport vs. Perry Meridian football game.

The Booster Club members used every social media available, as well as texted everyone they could in order to get the word out about participating. Students were to wear either red or Southport attire and run through the main hallway of the school. The Cardinal led the pack as the “Red Sea” followed. The video will be displayed on the jumbotron in a competition between many schools, including Perry Meridian High School.

“All the schools that are part of rivals night are all going to be there, and (it’s) whatever school has the most (school) spirit,” Freese said.

Freese, along with the other members of the Booster Club hope that they can win the competition, even if it’s just for fun.