Paranormal evidence from the SHS auditorium

The ghost hunters called into the auditorium find evidence of paranormal activity


Chloe Meredith

The catwalk that stretches across the top of auditorium has housed paranormal activity. A video camera was set up during the investigation in hopes to find evidence of the paranormal.

Chloe Meredith, Features Editor

On Sept. 24, the group Professional Paranormal Investigations came in to the SHS auditorium and conducted a paranormal investigation to try and find an explanation to the unexplained events experienced by theater director Barb Whitlock and her students.

These are electronic voice phenomena audio recordings contributed by PPI. The recordings are believed to be unexplained ghostly voices in the auditorium that were caught by the team’s recorders.

The evidence

The Journal can hear in this recording a mysterious voice saying, “Hi.” Can you hear it?

Whitlock has witnessed this recording of a mysterious voice saying. “Whitlock.”

PPI investigator Jennifer Hodgson felt a sense all night that a spirit among the investigators that night was once in the military and received a Purple Heart. In this recording, it is clear a mysterious voice says, “I’m a Marine.”

In this enhanced audio, The Journal can hear a sigh or “Ha.”

Again, The Journal can hear a sigh in this recording.

In this recording, The Journal cannot make out distinct words, but can hear mumbles. What do you hear?

When an investigator asks out to any paranormal present that night if they had received a Purple Heart, PPI can distinctly hear a “yes.”