Local candidates on the issues

State House, State Senate, and Governor candidates stances on the issues


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There are several elections happening all around Indiana on Nov. 8. These candidates are all running for office at various levels of government.

Lyndsay Valadez, Reporter

Political issues, such as free college tuition, gun laws and immigration are rising to the surface, and could directly affect SHS through the various candidates and current elected officials.

Originally, Democratic candidate John Gregg  and Republican candidate Mike Pence  were running against each other for Governor of Indiana. However, with only 30 days left to find a replacement, Pence withdrew in order to run as Republican Presidential Nominee Donald Trump’s Vice-President. Pence’s replacement is Republican Eric Holcomb.

As for the State House, Brent Waltz (R-36) is one of the current Indiana State Senators. There are 50 state senate representatives in Indiana, each in different districts. Waltz’s district feeds directly into Southport.

Waltz, a strong supporter of the second amendment, believes that Americans have the right to keep and bear arms. Similarly, Gregg and State Representative David Frizzell (R-93) agree that bearing arms is a fundamental right of Americans. Frizzell even voted yes to allowing concealed guns on school properties and work areas.

Another topic these opponents come to close agreeance upon is the way to approach immigration. As a result of immigration, SHS is ethnically diverse but most candidates think that there needs to be something done about borders. Waltz thinks that stricter borders would help the U.S. to be regarded as a nation while Holcomb looks at stricter borders as an absolute priority. However, Holcomb does not want to come across as xenophobic, or showing a prejudice towards other countries.

While Gregg does not have a stance on immigration, he does wish student debts were reduced. He is determined to make sure affordable colleges and jobs are made available to all Hoosiers. Holcomb thinks that parents should have the right to decide where their son/daughter go to school, but finds balance as a key in the money aspect of going to school. Frizzell thinks parents should be able to use vouchers for both private and public schools.