Girls cross country team heads to sectionals

Justin Chambers, Reporter

The SHS girls cross country team holds high hopes for the state tournament. Even though they have not won a sectional in over a decade, they hope to end that streak and move even farther into the tournament.

Freshman Lexie Green has high expectations for the team this year and thinks the team can make it all the way to state. Lexie has been the number one runner for some meets when Senior Erin Sullivan can’t make it. Sullivan has been the team’s best runner in most meets competing for first in some races. Lexie has a twin sister Bella Green, and both Lexie and Bella are the top three runners on the girls team. The team is looking for redemption this year in their sectional race. Last year the team came in second in sectionals to Center Grove. Center Grove scored 43 points while SHS came in second with a score of 79. Then, when they moved onto regionals they lost to Center Grove again. Senior Christy Dean is looking forward to this year because she thinks the team is stronger and can make it farther.

“We want to beat Center Grove because they beat us last year in sectionals and in regionals,” Dean said.

Lexie and Bella both think that the team can make it to state. Dean also has high expectations for the team. The twins don’t only have high expectations for the team as a whole but for themselves as well. Lexie’s personal goal for sectionals is to make it in the top five runners of the competition. On the other hand, Bella wants to make it in the top 20 runners. Both of these goals are hard to reach and the girls think that they can make it.

The team hasn’t prepared in any way differently than they have for other meets this year. However, a win at sectionals which takes place Saturday, Oct. 8 would feel a lot better than a win at another meet. The cross country girls have not won sectionals in longer than a decade. The girls biggest competition will be Center Grove. They have won sectionals for the past four years straight.

Coach Nathan Fishel has high hopes for the team, he thinks as of right now compared to last year the team is statistically better. Fishel has been coaching girls cross country for 13 years now he started coaching in the fall of 2003 and has not won a sectional in girls cross country since.

“This season is not over yet,” Fishel said. “So far by measurable statistics, this team has achieved more so far.”

The team has been running a lot better this year compared to last year. The record this year as of now is 69-21 while last year at this point it was 51-27 (excluding the Martinsville meet.) The girls have been close in the past but have never gone the one step farther and actually won the sectional meet.

The girls have a chance to win their first sectional in several years tomorrow at Franklin Community High School.