The ghosts of Indiana

Alyssa Clark, Reporter

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Culbertson Mansion

Location: 914 E Main St, New Albany, Ind.

Year built: 1869

William Culbertson, once the richest man in Indiana, bought the house for $120,000. According to, it was struck by lightning in 1888, killing everyone there, starting the series of unfortunate events.

In 1933, the house was sold to Dr. Webb and his family. According to the family, the house felt normal, until they started hearing noises underneath the house, sounds of clanging chains and screams. Horrible smells came up through the floor. According to, the disturbances allegedly drove Dr. Webb mad. Local police noticed that there was an eerie quiet coming from the house, so they launched an investigation. Inside, police found the Webb family scattered in different rooms, all violently murdered.In the basement, they found secret passages and hidden rooms, discovered to be where Dr. Webb tortured his patients and performed twisted experiments. Bones and remains lay everywhere, some so disfigured that the police weren’t sure they were even human. The house was then boarded up for 30 years until the American Legion bought it in the 1940s.

The house has been restored and is today used as a haunted attraction.

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Legend of 100 step cemetery:

Location: 675 W north of Brazil, Ind.

Year built: Unknown

The history of 100 step cemetery is nearly as mysterious as the ghost who is found here. No one really seems to know when the burial ground was started or by who. This legend has many variations, but all of them are centered around a woman in black who sits on a tree stump watching the grave of her deceased daughter. One variation says that the daughter’s head was never found after a car accident and that following the mother’s death, couples parked on the side of the road began seeing an old woman with the rotting head of a girl clutched in her hands.

Legend has it that in order to see the ghost of the cemetery’s first undertaker, one has to count the steps up the hill. Once one gets to the top, the ghost will reveal the climber’s death in a vision. It’s very crucial that the hiker must go down the stairs, counting exactly the same number of steps. If accidentally miscounted, then they will die the way the vision foretold. If anyone dares to attempt to get to the top of the hill without using the stairs, they will be pushed to the ground by a phantom hand which will leave a red handprint, many of whom call this mark, “the mark of the Devil”

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Hannah House

Location: 3801 Madison Ave, Indianapolis, Ind.

Year built: 1858

This house was utilized for the Underground Railroad and provided a sanction for many runaway slaves, until tragedy struck one night. An oil lamp was accidentally tipped over, which instantly ignited a fire. Most of the unfortunate men, women and children in the house were burned alive in their sleep, while others died from smoke inhalation.

Alexander Hannah, the owner of the house, was devastated when he found out what happened the next morning. However, he had to quickly bury the bodies in the cellar to cover up any trace of the incident as quickly as possible.

A couple of months later, David Elder was the first person to suspect that the place was home to unseen residents. He heard glass breaking and went to go check it out. The sound came from the basement and he noticed that there were fruit jars being kept where the slaves were once buried. Also, Elder said that the basement would reek of rotting flesh, strong enough to gag the living. He decided to move shortly after.

Ones interested in investigating the Hannah Haunted House for themselves are welcome to spend the night in this haunted house for $500. They have been offered the help of the Indy-Ohio Paranormal Research if needed.