Take the opportunity

Student makes use of chances given


Madelyn Knight

Senior student from Missouri, Charles Roberts, completes a form for information about George Manson University on Nov. 11, 2016 at the JW Marriot in downtown Indianapolis. Several colleges and universities were offering information about journalism and media programs that are offered at their schools.

Lyndsay Valadez, Reporter

He has lost the true connection with his closest family member. With more opened eyes and awareness, junior Charles Roberts walks through life and plans on attending college even though his father recently passed away.

Roberts doesn’t let that get in his way while walking through life.

His father, unlike the others in his immediate family, was really close to him before life stepped in. Roberts’ mother and sister are not as close as they could be and that has played a role in how he feels about college.

“(My father’s passing) has taken away the family aspect of choosing a school,” Roberts said.

Although it is not the entire family, his mother is still very supportive. While she wants him to stay close to home, his father had always encouraged going anywhere he desires. But, he wants to please his mother and continue keeping her grounded after his father’s passing.

“With that father connection gone, it has given me the opportunity to free up a little bit,” Roberts said.

While he is not yet sure of what college to go to because of his family, he does know that he wants to go to a school with a cinematic arts program because he feels fine arts are a huge deal nowadays. He has looked into SCAD and Liberty University as a chance to continue fine arts.

As he is a strong believer in opportunity he thinks students can always broaden their horizons. He encourages students to go to college and look at all of the different options. He doesn’t want anyone to pass up the chance of applying for colleges or scholarships.

“Opportunity definitely comes,” Roberts said. “… Look for what makes you happy in a major because if you aren’t happy in your career, you won’t be happy in your life.”