SHS reacts to election

Students and staff shocked that Donald Trump won the Presidential election


Madelyn Knight

On the day after the election, this flag was waving on a truck in the SHS parking lot. Trump supporters across the school were wearing Trump attire or had flags similar to this.

Lyndsay Valadez, Reporter

Sitting near the TV, people across America, such as junior Kaylee Turner, stayed up to watch the Presidential election. Among those eager watchers, were SHS students who had a variety of feelings, including shock when they found out that Donald Trump was the new President-Elect.

Turner is a student who kept up with the election as well as she could. Given all that she knew, she was more than surprised to see the future face of America.

“I was just really shocked basically,” Turner said. “For someone who follows the election really closely, I was not expecting it.”

Throughout the election, the opponent leading in electoral votes continuously went back and forth between Trump and Hillary Clinton. Trump was predicted to have 290 electoral votes while Clinton was predicted to get 228 votes.

While Turner keeps up with this information, so does Chemistry teacher, Justin Heinold who was also very surprised when he woke up and ate breakfast to see that Trump had won. He didn’t stay up the entire time to finish watching the election, but he did find out the winner that next morning.

“I saw that Donald Trump had 276 electoral votes and I was like, ‘What?’” Heinold said. “I was shocked.”

On the other hand, junior Trump-supporter Jake Hemphill was not surprised by the end of it. He tried staying up for the majority of the election, but couldn’t. Now he did say, just by watching the beginning of the election, the ending would be a huge shocker. He was actually worried that Trump wouldn’t get the states he needed, like Florida and Michigan, to win.

Junior Bawi Lian was one that felt confused. Not stating his side, Lian felt there was a facade put upon Trump that made him seem like a poorer choice. He was just as surprised as Turner to see that Trump had more electoral votes than Clinton.

“I’m surprised because in news they criticize Trump as a bad person,” Lian said. “But, Trump won the election.”

Sophomore Essence Ferguson and Megan Miller agree that the facade put upon Trump was bad. Each believes the facade to be true. Ferguson thought America would have made, what she considered, the smarter choice by picking Clinton. Nonetheless, they were surprised as most others, that Trump won the election.