‘The Little Mermaid’ cast bio: Dylan Shaffer as King Triton

Rae Updike, Reporter

In the production of Walt Disney’s “The Little Mermaid,” the ruler of the sea, King Triton, is played by senior Dylan Shaffer. For Shaffer, there have been some things about this musical that have been a little different from musicals in the past.

“I was in ‘Grease’ last year and I feel like The Little Mermaid is a little more exciting,” Shaffer said. “I feel like everyone is a little more excited in this musical.”

In addition, Shaffer says he notices people not being as nervous onstage at rehearsals this year compared to last years’ productions of “Grease.”

Something different this year for Shaffer is that this is the first musical he’s been in where he’s actually had to sing. In Grease, Shaffer portrayed Vince Fontaine, a character with no singing lines. While excited, he says that it is a little nerve wracking.

Shaffer’s favorite part about being in the musical are the two weeks leading up to the four shows which has been deemed “hell week.” According to Shaffer, these two weeks are when everything comes together. Everyone gets into the same mindset and becomes really close.

To Shaffer, something that is similar between him and his character, King Triton, is that they both are the center of attention, “obviously,” and that they both care for the well-being of other people. On the flip side, however, Shaffer feels that Triton can get mad at small things. Shaffer considers himself to get mad sometimes, but not over little things.

“Theater is magic,” Shaffer says. “That’s it.”