‘The Little Mermaid’ cast Bio: Alicia May as Ariel

Rae Updike , Reporter

For her third musical, and her sixth production at SHS, junior Alicia May will be portraying the role of Ariel. She decided to do the musical because it’s something that she likes doing and always has. A big part of enjoying being in musicals for her is the people, according to May. In last years production of Grease, according to May, a lot of the main characters developed a great bond together and the same people are in this years musical. This made it easy for May to audition and feel comfortable with them.
Some things that surprised May this year was the schedule. Becoming a lead, she doesn’t have a lot of interaction with the majority of the cast in musical numbers such as “Kiss the Girl,” or “Under the Sea.” May says doesn’t like that she’s not in these types of scenes, because she enjoys being with the whole group.
“Theater is just a really great way to connect with people who share your same interest.” May said. She really enjoys just connecting with people who like to do the same thing she does.
Some similarities between May and her character are that she considers them to both be curious.
“She’s also really adventurous,” May said. “I’d like to think that I am too.”
Something else that May recognizes in her herself as well as character is how really caring she is and her love for her family.
“Everyone come see the show!” May said.